Cointelpro 2    
Dissidence Rising

Waking Up

The truth is that many of us walk through this world sleeping, never being fully aware of the truth of what's happening around us. We walk around in a dream like state, tuned out about the things that are affecting us and our socity, only to awaken to a world that we don't recognise once it's too late.

Global Dominance

Agenda 21, the plan to control the nations. This time they are playing for keeps. The following articles are a wake up call to some of the things that are happening in the world. These are things that we all need to wake up to before it's too late.

Dissidence Rises from the ashes of oppression.

The Truth

The people rise up to be free of their oppressors and the hand of the oppressor rises to hold them down. Dissidence however can not be repressed forever and it will rise from the ashes of oppression. Dissidence is on the rise, and this evil has once more emerged to squash and destroy those who would rise up against the state's injustice and oppression.

The truth is out there, but most of us never find it, because to be honest, most of us don't want to know the full truth. The only way however that we can hope to make the world a better place to live in for ourselves and others is by tuning into the truth of what's happening around us and trying to make changes from the inside out.


-Bag of Dirty Tricks
-Lessons of COINTELPRO
-Legacy of Cointelpro
-Police Spying Before Convention
-Unseal Police Spy Files
-Spying 101
-Terror lists ruin credit

Community Policing

-The Trojan Horse of CBP
-Lost histories of a secret state
-China liked Snitches
-Neighborhood Spies And Nightmares
-Terror Wars
-Your friendly community spies
-The Snoop Next Door
-Secret deal with gay bars

Red Squads

-Policing Activists
-Police Intelligence Units
-Red Squad
-Cops Only Saw Red
-Suppress Political Dissent.
-Monitoring Students
-Protectors of Privilege

Global Dominance

-Agenda 21
-A generation is all they need
-North American Union
-Microchip" Newborns
-Surveillance Cameras In Homes
-Global Tracking
-Hello Good-bye Weapon
-Are You Being Tracked?
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