Cointelpro 2    
Dissidence Rising

Community Stalking and Mobbing

As part of the New Cointelpro some of us are waking up to find that we are under survellence 24/7. The people that are now helping to monitor us are not just the state, but in many cases our fellow citizens who have turned into the eyes and ears of the state.

Under the new community based policing programs, legions of people in many cities around the world are turning into the eyes and ears of the state. They are being used willingly and sometimes unwillingly to spy on and monitor their fellow citizens. Many of the people that they are spying on are normal, decent, hard working people.

Dissidence Rises from the ashes of oppression.

Red Squads

Red Squads have been used throughout modern history to monitor people and they are once more back in effect in many countries, they are also being used to suppress and monitor innocent individuals. Under this revised movement the state is using the people to suppress and control the people.

Gang Stalking

The government as part of Cointelpro were notorious for sending out false information to the public using what were called disinformation agents. This is what they did when they masked Cointelpro under the name of gang stalking.

MK Ultra. Road Show

Cointelpro 2

Cointelpro 1

Squashing Dissidence: By:Marsboy683

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