Cointelpro 2    
Dissidence Rising

The struggle to be free

Cointelpro was a plan to seek out and destroy dissidence. It's a plan that was fully endorsed by the Government. It was used to squash the rising power of protest. They used it to suppress the voices of the people that would no longer be chained. Those who struggled to be free.

The government would open up lifelong covert investigations, then go to your friends, family, employers, landlords, neighbours and community at large. They would tell them lies and slander saying that you are crazy, a terrorist, someone who needed watching or some other lie. Then they would disrupt your life in everyway possible. They destroyed families, and many peaceful organisations that were trying to do good work in society.

Dissidence Rises from the ashes of oppression.

Dissidence rises from the ashes of oppression

Today Targets are still followed around, stalked and harassed. Homes are illegally entered, mail stolen, calls listened to, property damaged, false arrests, political assassinations,lifetime incarcerations, and forced suicides. This is how the state then and now deals with dissidence.

Todays Cointelpro not only involves the above elements, but now targets of this harassment are routinely tortured or harassed in their homes. They are followed around by Suburban Spies or paid community snitches. They are spied upon with technology that can be used to listen to them and watch them from outside of their homes.

Covert Investigations

-Government Investigation
-Files filled with lies
-Family, Friends
-Employers, Landlords

Slander and Lies

-Target is crazy
-Target is a terrorist
-Target is a pervert
-Target is a drug dealer
-Target needs to be watched

Rise of Dissidence

-End Racism
-End Homelessness
-Equality for all
-Freedom for all
-End Wars

Why we must resist

-Community Based Policing
-Suburban Spies
-Global Dominance
-Rise of Communism
-Human Enslavement
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